L&M Machining Ethics Program

An Ethics program serves many purposes from reinforcing compliance to legal requirements to preventing criminal activities.

At L&M Machining we foster a culture in which employees are empowered to “do the right thing”.  Laws and regulations don’t always provide clear guidance, therefore an ethical culture where employees speak up, when they see or hear a potential unethical behavior, keeps our communication open.

Our Ethics program:

  • Reduce risk and protect L&M’s reputation
  • Mitigate penalties should an action be brought against us
  • Serves as a competitive advantage
  • Customers and employees prefer to work for and with an ethical company

Laws and regulations:

There is a growing body of laws and regulations related to ethics and compliance. For example, Section 52.203-13 of the U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation outlines requirements for select government contractors. Official guidance on the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act, in effective ethics and compliance programs.